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“The purpose of art, is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”

Welcome to marygibsonportfolio, my personal collection of work from the past two decades.  I’m excited to showcase my skills and experience with you. I affectionately refer to myself as the “tutorial queen” because I love discovering new do-it-yourself lessons and resources. I hope you find my work enjoyable and informative.

Virtual Online Galleries

Reach a wider audience and be a trailblazer in the art world.

Imagine being able to explore museums and art exhibits from the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks. Traditional museum experiences are still great, but with the help of technology, we can now experience history and art in a new and exciting way. You can easily create your own online gallery with just a bit of knowledge of After Effects? I purchased my templates from Envato Videohive. There you can find have a vast selection of stunning templates to choose from!

The artist – Karen Terry has already made a sale and I’m really impressed with her innovative way of showcasing her work.

Art Exhibits

Additionally, virtual galleries can be instrumental in creating high-quality video content and images that can be used for visualisation, planning and promoting art exhibitions. 

Admire the Art In the Privacy of Your Home

This technology enables users to offer captivating virtual tours of their gallery, thereby providing an immersive experience to their audience.

Make the Sale
Virtual galleries enable artists to showcase, manage and sell their art online, leading to more exposure and recognition. This helps broaden their audience and expands their creativity, ultimately contributing to their career growth and success.
What's an Online gallery?

An online art gallery is a digital platform where artists can sell their artwork directly to buyers or collectors. The website provides a centralized location for customers to view and purchase art from various artists. Detailed information about each artwork and artist is available for viewing, making it easier to buy and sell art worldwide.

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Get Relaxed. Enjoy!

Several online galleries showcase numerous artists working in varied media and genre.

Virtual Gallery Love

Using after effects, stock photos and cherished memories, I curated a stunning gallery that shows the endless possibilities of creativity and personal connections. 

Virtual Gallery ULLA

Ulla is a California based talented artist. Enjoy ULLA’s stunning paintings and let them inspire you to pursue your passions and create something amazing.

Amazing Websites Templates

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"My mom's work is amazing. Her websites and videos are drool-worthy."
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My friend and associate is an incredible artist. I asked her to create a website for me and am extremely satisfied with herl professionalism.
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Using AI Elementor makes my workflow more efficient and produces great results. Let's create together!
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